Foursquare Sex

4 08 2010

How many times can you CHECK IN before you prematurely post to Twitter?

Social Media pickup lines.

You a FINE Mommy-Blogger, why don’t you Back that RSS Feed up?

I’d work ALL night to hack your Gmail login.

It’ll be okay, My youtubes are TIED! (ewww, gross)

More Least I Could Do comics.


Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage

9 12 2009

A commercial about a man who will store ANYTHING in his storage facility for $10.99/month. Make an offer and he’ll definitely try to beat it.

Funny stuff. MrD approves.

– Mister Diplomat

Kittens, Memaw, and Holes – Oh to be a kid again!

24 04 2009

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience: ‘Kittens inspired by Kittens!’

And after several viewings and distributions of the clip to my friends and loved ones, I began to reminisce of my childhood, a time where you could just say what was on your mind. Back then, there was no fear of offending someone or being ‘PC’ about your comments.  There were no “should I or should I not” debates; it was just “Hey, I’ve got and idea I’d like to share…” and BOOM, there it was -out in the open for everyone to process in all its glory.

My memaw had one just like this.

My memaw had one just like this.

 I’ve been told by my memaw that one day while she was pushing me in the shopping cart at the local grocery, we ran into one of her friends. As an inquisitive toddler, I noticed the man had a hole in his overalls. This begged the question, “Why doesn’t your momma sew up your hole there?”    

 The nice man’s response,  “Well, son, my momma isn’t living anymore.”

My memaw also had one just like this.

My memaw also had one just like this.

The obvious next question… ”Who shot her?”   My intent wasn’t rude after-all I was a southern gentleman in training.  In my world of limited knowledge, there were certain facts: moms sewed holes and death only occurred via gunshots.

Also, there’s no logic or rationale in a child’s thought process.

My memaw only liked Decipitcons.

My memaw only liked Decipitcons.

Boy gets home from school and proclaims “I hate Phillip!” Mom is quick to probe, why, of course. Boys says, “Cause he wouldn’t let me use the green crayon.” You see the use of the green crayon was the barometer of they day’s success. When that doesn’t happen…WTF, “friend”? But tomorrow, the boys will be ‘bestest” of friends again. “Why?” you ask. Cause Phillip wore a Voltron shirt! Duh!

– Mister Jeremy McDonald

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