ZW hits a New York Rap Battle

9 11 2010

On Friday Nov 5th Diplomat Zach Ward hit New York City to compete in The BEATdown, an 8-mile style Rap Battle at the UCB Theatre. Check out a dirty dirty clip of the Round between ZW and Neil Rhymestrong.

MISTER DIPLOMAT fans have probably heard ZW drop content like this more than once but WARNING: Do Not watch this clip at work. Damn, The BEATdown got dirty fast — dick slaps, motorboats and Turducken SEX, OH MY!

ZW competes as THE WARDEN: BEATBOX and #DSI4life


NEW YORK! Del Close Marathon 12

27 07 2010

Zach Ward, Jeremy McDonald, Paula Pazderka and Harrison Brookie head to New York this weekend to represent DSI Comedy Theater at the 12th Annual Del Close Marathon. It has been an incredible honor for MISTER DIPLOMAT to take the stage at the UCB Theatre over the past couple years.

For 2010 MrD performs Sunday 8/1 230PM at the UCB — Are you coming?

For the DCM we are sadly down Andy Lavender (Andy may be off performing some amazing feats of Chemisty or SAVING THE WORLD!)

Both AU JUS and THE 708 are representing the DSI Comedy Theater Harold program in New York, so you should check them out and support HAROLD —  (The 708, Saturday 12pm Hudson Guild and AU JUS, Sunday 1pm Hudson Guild).

New York should get our song ready. Love, Mister Diplomat

NC Comedy Arts Festival

31 01 2010

MISTER DIPLOMAT wants you to Support LIVE Comedy.

So many funny friends. So many shows. ALL month long.

We are not performing Friday Feb 5th or 12th to make room for some AMAZING Sketch and Standup at DSI Comedy Theater, but we’re proud to announce that our regular show on Friday February 19th will be FREE as always, although there might be some serious competition at the door. GET THERE EARLY!

– Mister Diplomat

Drysdale ‘L Word’ Serenade

20 03 2009

It’s Long. It’s Loud. And the Lyrics are amazing.

It’s Not Safe for Work.

Double A props to Rebecca Drysdale (featured in Time Magazine, 2006) and her production team for this amazing clip, which Mister Diplomat just found online. If you’ve already seen it, Awesome. But I need it to get out there. 6 Seasons of ‘The L Word‘ on Showtime have inspired genius. Dirty. Sexual. Genius.

Rebecca Drysdale (Beck D) went from Ohio to France, Canada, then Chicago (short layover in Amsterdam) to New York City (formerly New Amsterdam) doing comedy now for over half her life. She has made people laugh at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, Chicago’s Second City, iO, The Magnet, The PIT and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, both in New York and Los Angeles.

Maybe North Carolina should be next. What do you think?

– Mister Zach Ward

Escape to New York

5 08 2008

It’s been an AWESOME 2008 SEASON so far… 

Does DSI operate on a Season Schedule? Sure, why not.

However you look at it, we have some awesome theater news! Four shows were selected to appear during the 10th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York City. DSI comedians are being featured at venues all over Gotham, in shows produced by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. That means your local comedy has made plans to close the Carrboro theater and Escape to New York Friday August 8th for some shows in THE city this weekend.

MISTER DIPLOMAT, Sat 9:00 pm at UCB Theatre
Zach Ward, Jeremy Griffin, Paula Pazderka, John Reitz, Joe Jones, Andy Lavender
** special guest Alum Corey Brown performing with us
** the Mr.D showtime was a huge honor for the theater

Proletariat Princess, Sun 4:00 pm at Hudson Guild
Mano Agapion, Kit FitzSimons, Joe Jones, Remi Treuer, Becky Whittemore, Kelly Tilyard, Jennifer Bell Moxley

TIME OUT, Sun 12:45 pm at Urban Stages
John Loftin, Joe Stanton, Lillith Fallon, Mary Sasson, Bryan Barnes, Colette Henderson, Eitan Lees

St Patrick’s Wake, Sun 2:15 am at UCB Theatre
Zach Ward, Jeremy Griffin, Greg Brainos, John Loftin, Joe Stanton, Kit FitzSimons

Don’t worry. We’re coming back on Sunday…

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