Full Steam Ahead

12 04 2010

Fullsteam is a Durham, North Carolina brewery-in-planning set to open spring 2010. They are not yet open to the public or distributing beers, but WE ARE WAITING! Fullsteam aims to create a distinctly Southern beer style using local farmed goods, heirloom grains, and Southern botanicals.

Excited to welcome Sean Lilly WILSON (Full Steam Brewery) to the stage Friday.

Follow Sean on Twitter, @fullsteam

Sean founded and led both Pop The Cap and Permit Beer, two beer lobbying organizations that have opened up economic markets to North Carolina’s specialty beer industry. He holds both an MBA and Master of Public Policy from Duke University (although we won’t hold that against him). Come watch Sean tell stories about beer, starting a business IN DURHAM, and life in and out of the brewery. And MISTER DIPLOMAT spins those stories into the funniest scenes EVER. Honestly some of the funniest improv comedy in the country.


Mister Diplomat


Tift Merritt “The Grammys”

5 06 2008

Tift Merritt was a guest with Mr.D back in the day. She was one of the nicest people we have ever had at the theater. Support Your Local Arts, Music and Comedy.

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