Charleston and Theatre 99

19 01 2009


Theatre 99 put on a great comedy festival, with Improv, Standup and Sketch all in one 4-day event. MISTER DIPLOMAT was short two cast members (Paula Pazderka and Jeremy McDonald) for the trip. Paula had a good excuse, but Jeremy took his own road trip to Washington, DC. He wanted to see Beyoncé do Single Ladies LIVE!

Anyway, MISTER DIPLOMAT just wanted to thank The Have Nots! and Theatre 99 for an awesome time. Check them out and support Charleston Comedy year-round. And thanks to the Holiday Inn Riverview (where we stayed and watched the History Channel, after wrestling the remote from Mister Kyle Chorpening, who was dead-set on HBO’s Real Sex). OH! AND we would also like to thank the Cracker Barrell.

Both of them. AND I-95. South and North.

– Mister Diplomat


MrD hijacks Charleston

3 12 2008

charleston-comedy-festivalMISTER DIPLOMAT proudly joins the best alternative improv, sketch and standup comedy acts in the country for a 4-day comedy festival produced by The Have Nots! and The City Paper at American Theatre in Charleston, South Carolina.

MrD heads down on Saturday January 17, 2009 after opening for God’s Pottery at the LOCAL 506 on Thursday January 15 (details of the 506 show unconfirmed, but we’re excited for the opportunity) and of course, rocking our FREE home show on Friday.

So where do you want us to go next? You want Diplomat to rock your college? Let’s make that happen. You want MrD to Headline your SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN? Let’s make that happen. But we can’t promise that Mister Paula Pazderka won’t assault your boyfriend with a Bedazzler once she gets to the party. Seriously.

New MrD clips coming soon. But until then, Homoners on Ocracoke!

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