When Local Blogs Attack

10 03 2009

Mister Diplomat was attacked by Ginny from the Blog last Friday.

GINNY from the Blog

GINNY from the Blog

Our show with Ginny was super fun. She told stories about Patti Blagojevich planting questions during a 2nd grade press conference; Working for the Associated Press, Ginny broke the news to (at the time) Senator Obama that he was running unopposed for the Senate; She talked about being a paid blogger (for NBC17), and about the stalking that comes with teh [sic] territory. Is there such a thing as “online” territory? The cast of Mister Diplomat took all those stories and improvised some REAL funny scenes. Easy when our guest sets us up FTW!

Anyway, Mister Diplomat has some amazing guests lined up for Spring.

And maybe we can drag Ginny back out, with some fancy beer convincing.

– Mister Zach Ward



* I may have used semi-colons incorrectly in this post. And incomplete sentences.


5 People I’d Rather Throw A Shoe At Than President Bush

24 12 2008

1. Orphaned children from the 1920s.

Those feet just begging for some ringworm.

...maybe her.

...maybe her.

2. Bush’s Secret Service Agents.
Because, deeyam boyz, I know that his approval ratings are hovering around 27% but your reflexes were slower than Christmas. Put down the copy of Twilight that you were reading (I know, it’s really really hard to do) and maybe stop the guy before he has the time to get another shoe off. What if, heaven forbid, the shoes had been…bigger shoes?

3. The Old Woman Who Lived In One.
Because, with the current mortgage crisis, it would probably be taken as a sign of good will. This being the season for giving, who wouldn’t want free house thrown at them?

4. The chorus of little children who sing at the end of NewSong’s “The Christmas Shoes.”
Because they want their mother to look beautiful if she meets Jesus tonight. C’mon! What if Jesus comes and momma’s feet look stank nasty?!? Toss some Nike Dunks over here Rob Lowe.

5. Governor Blagojevich’s hair dresser.
Because his head looks kinda like a pair of untamed, happy, hobbit feet. And Chicago politics are dirtier than the Mines of Moria.


Honorable Mention: Faith the Wonder Dog
Because she’s just like a person and people wear shoes. She’s “a best friend, a guardian angel” and she’s taught one woman to better understand handicapped people. Because handicapped people are just like a dog with two legs. Just. Like. One.

– Mister John Reitz

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