ZW hits a New York Rap Battle

9 11 2010

On Friday Nov 5th Diplomat Zach Ward hit New York City to compete in The BEATdown, an 8-mile style Rap Battle at the UCB Theatre. Check out a dirty dirty clip of the Round between ZW and Neil Rhymestrong.

MISTER DIPLOMAT fans have probably heard ZW drop content like this more than once but WARNING: Do Not watch this clip at work. Damn, The BEATdown got dirty fast — dick slaps, motorboats and Turducken SEX, OH MY!

ZW competes as THE WARDEN: BEATBOX and #DSI4life


MrD hijacks Philadelphia

13 11 2008

For the past 3 years DSI has been represented at the Philadelphia Improv Festival and 2008 looks to be no different. MISTER DIPLOMAT has been scheduled to headline the entire weekend.

We are welcoming guest Rene Duquesnoy on loan from Beatbox (DSI Chicago) and former Diplomat Corey Brown on loan from Whorenado (UCB Theatre). Apparently PHIF confirmed a radio personality to deliver monologues for our show. Awesome.

Oh, Btw- MrD left the blog for a month, and we’d like to apologize to our online fans, but we’re back. Luckily, since we’ve been gone a couple posts have kept the internet reading. Diplomat Zach Ward still wants to apologize for one of those posts, the Breyers Lickable Gymnasts, but only after it stops being so damned popular.

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