ZW hits a New York Rap Battle

9 11 2010

On Friday Nov 5th Diplomat Zach Ward hit New York City to compete in The BEATdown, an 8-mile style Rap Battle at the UCB Theatre. Check out a dirty dirty clip of the Round between ZW and Neil Rhymestrong.

MISTER DIPLOMAT fans have probably heard ZW drop content like this more than once but WARNING: Do Not watch this clip at work. Damn, The BEATdown got dirty fast — dick slaps, motorboats and Turducken SEX, OH MY!

ZW competes as THE WARDEN: BEATBOX and #DSI4life


Quarter-Life Crisis Monologist

14 09 2010

On Friday we welcome M Dickson, one of the comics from the Quarter Life Crisis Comedy Tour to tell personal stories and anecdotes for MISTER DIPLOMAT — North Carolina audiences dig the Dickson. She is a two-year veteran of the NC Comedy Arts Festival AND HILARIOUS!

You can hear ALL about her life on Friday at 1030 but make sure to get out and see her Touring Show at DSI COMEDY THEATER Thursday & Friday at 8pm.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2010Buy tickets
8PM Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy Tour ($10)
930PM DSI Standup Comedy ($10, FREE with QLC Comedy Tour)

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2010Buy tickets
8PM Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy Tour ($10)
930PM PTSIAM and THE 708 ($10, $5 with QLC Comedy Tour)
1030PM Mister Diplomat featuring M Dickson

NEW YORK! Del Close Marathon 12

27 07 2010

Zach Ward, Jeremy McDonald, Paula Pazderka and Harrison Brookie head to New York this weekend to represent DSI Comedy Theater at the 12th Annual Del Close Marathon. It has been an incredible honor for MISTER DIPLOMAT to take the stage at the UCB Theatre over the past couple years.

For 2010 MrD performs Sunday 8/1 230PM at the UCB — Are you coming?

For the DCM we are sadly down Andy Lavender (Andy may be off performing some amazing feats of Chemisty or SAVING THE WORLD!)

Both AU JUS and THE 708 are representing the DSI Comedy Theater Harold program in New York, so you should check them out and support HAROLD —  (The 708, Saturday 12pm Hudson Guild and AU JUS, Sunday 1pm Hudson Guild).

New York should get our song ready. Love, Mister Diplomat

The Onion and Improv Sitting in a Tree

8 07 2010

I’ve suspected for a while that The Onion, a satirical newspaper, had some kind of relationship with improvisation. With articles like this and graphics like this the writers clearly know something about the subculture that is improv comedy. I’ve even recognized improvisers from their Onion News Network videos (not to be confused with DSI Witness News). Here’s Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd discussing  how all wrestling fans are actually paid professionals:

But my suspicion has been confirmed by yet another reference to improvisation in this recent video (at the 1 minute 20 second mark):

Who else could know that nerd male improvisers only talk to nerd girls improvisers? Speaking of, if you’re interested in becoming either one of those, Zach Ward’s 101/201 summer intensive has 2 spots left!

– Mister Harrison Brookie

Zach Ward rocks Boston

24 05 2010

In 3 weeks MISTER Zach Ward plans to hit up Boston (Cambridge) to teach improv workshops and perform hilarious COMEDY at ImprovBoston. Are you in Beantown (Boston (Cambridge)) from June 18-20th? Let @zachward know.

You can check ImprovBoston workshops here.

You can watch an old #ZW show here.

Mister Zach Ward

Seth Meyers and Boner Ghosts

23 03 2010

MacGruber Executive Producer and Weekend Update Anchor Seth Meyers talks at a South by Southwest (SXSW) panel about his experience one night at the HAUNTED HOUSE where Will Forte, Jorma Taccone and John Solomon stayed in New Mexico during shooting for MacGruber. (clip)

More MacGruber

More Seth Meyers

More ZW clips

By the way, MacGruber was AWESOME. Go see it. No joke. Awesome.

Mister Zach Ward

NC Comedy Arts Festival

31 01 2010

MISTER DIPLOMAT wants you to Support LIVE Comedy.

So many funny friends. So many shows. ALL month long.

We are not performing Friday Feb 5th or 12th to make room for some AMAZING Sketch and Standup at DSI Comedy Theater, but we’re proud to announce that our regular show on Friday February 19th will be FREE as always, although there might be some serious competition at the door. GET THERE EARLY!

– Mister Diplomat

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