Cookie Monster Auditions for SNL

3 12 2010

Everybody’s favorite Sesame Street character tries to achieve every comedian’s dream. I’m pretty sure this is a real viral marketing strategy to get a monster to host. You can join the Facebook group now!As strange as this is, is it really more unusual than the successful Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host? Here’s his hilarious audition tape:

Let me be the first to say there’s always a space on the DSI stage for Mister Cookie.

– Mister Harrison Brookie


October Guest Lineup

6 10 2010

Last week Curt Taylor got on stage at DSI to dispel Myths about being BLIND. What do 6 loud and obnoxious improvisers do to deconstruct and heighten stories about blindness? You had to be there.

But no fear, Curt has already agreed to come back SOON!

But You don’t need to miss any of our other October shows. Unless you’re just too old, or nervous that Andy might destroy you with his MIND, or maybe you’re just scared you might be attacked by Paula and her HUGE … cardigans.


October 8th – Berkeley Grimball (Grimball Jewelers)

October 15th – Graig Meyer (Blue Ribbon Mentor)

October 22nd – Sacrificial Poets

October 29th – Mary Turner (Carrboro Rockstar)

What are their stories? Come find out. FREE COMEDY!

What else are you doing on Fridays at 1030pm?

Quarter-Life Crisis Monologist

14 09 2010

On Friday we welcome M Dickson, one of the comics from the Quarter Life Crisis Comedy Tour to tell personal stories and anecdotes for MISTER DIPLOMAT — North Carolina audiences dig the Dickson. She is a two-year veteran of the NC Comedy Arts Festival AND HILARIOUS!

You can hear ALL about her life on Friday at 1030 but make sure to get out and see her Touring Show at DSI COMEDY THEATER Thursday & Friday at 8pm.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2010Buy tickets
8PM Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy Tour ($10)
930PM DSI Standup Comedy ($10, FREE with QLC Comedy Tour)

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2010Buy tickets
8PM Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy Tour ($10)
930PM PTSIAM and THE 708 ($10, $5 with QLC Comedy Tour)
1030PM Mister Diplomat featuring M Dickson

Eric Hunicutt hijacks Diplomat

20 08 2010

WE KNOW, WE KNOW — “Can a 5’6″ redhead Tar Heel Chicago-trained improv comedian transplant in LA truly hijack anything?”

WELL — Come out to DSI Comedy Theater Friday August 20th at 1030pm and you can see for yourself. Eric joins MISTER DIPLOMAT for the show regardless, whether hijacked or invited. Is it like vampires? If you invite someone are they not technically hijacking your show? … Right? Either way WE ARE PUMPED!

Read more about Eric Hunicutt online.

ACME Chef Kevin Callaghan

14 05 2010

MISTER DIPLOMAT proudly welcomes Kevin Callaghan, Owner and Head Chef of Acme Food & Beverage Co. to the stage on Friday 5/14. We only have a few more FREE 930pm shows. Starting Friday June 4th MrD moves to 1030pm. But fear not, we are still bringing the FUNNY and have some awesome guests lined up for the Summer.

Who do you want to see?

Oh yeah, LIKE KEVIN on FacebookAnd ACME too.

If you go to ACME tell them Zach sent you… For the tenderloin.

Mister Zach Ward

Should We Use Chat Roulette as a Guest?

22 04 2010

As you know Mister Diplomat has had quite a variety of guests. From bands, to friends, to local businessmen and mayors. Also, you’ve probably seen us grab a random audience member to interview and inspire our scenes. So here’s my thought: should Mister Diplomat utilize the site Chat Roulette to combine the idea of a guest story and a random person? There has already been a piano player using the site to improvise songs:

If it can work for music, it should also be able to work for comedy. The main dilemma is the probability of getting some inappropriate material or uncooperative person. In a live show, you may not be able to predict your next guest. Then again, Ben Folds was able to work it into one of his shows:

So what do you think, should we, could we, dare we?

– Mister Harrison Brookie

Full Steam Ahead

12 04 2010

Fullsteam is a Durham, North Carolina brewery-in-planning set to open spring 2010. They are not yet open to the public or distributing beers, but WE ARE WAITING! Fullsteam aims to create a distinctly Southern beer style using local farmed goods, heirloom grains, and Southern botanicals.

Excited to welcome Sean Lilly WILSON (Full Steam Brewery) to the stage Friday.

Follow Sean on Twitter, @fullsteam

Sean founded and led both Pop The Cap and Permit Beer, two beer lobbying organizations that have opened up economic markets to North Carolina’s specialty beer industry. He holds both an MBA and Master of Public Policy from Duke University (although we won’t hold that against him). Come watch Sean tell stories about beer, starting a business IN DURHAM, and life in and out of the brewery. And MISTER DIPLOMAT spins those stories into the funniest scenes EVER. Honestly some of the funniest improv comedy in the country.


Mister Diplomat

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