Looking at Audio Visually

20 10 2010

Keeping with the the music theme, have you ever listened to a song and felt that it was just the same lyrics over and over? Sometimes it works (Let it be) and sometimes it doesn’t (Who Let The Dogs Out). Just this month Will Smith’s daughter, nine  year old Willow Smith, came out with her single, Whip Your Hair. Here’s what it sounds like and thanks to Wordle, here’s what it looks like:

– Mister Harrison Brookie


Economics of California Gurls

14 10 2010

As a high school economics teacher, I talk a lot about the topic. I try to keep it restricted to my personal blog, but in honor of our recent economist guest, I’ll post it here.

Katy Perry’s recent hit California Gurls was number one on the Billboards for 6 weeks. Sure it’s catchy (both musically and visually), but it’s also business savvy. If you were going to write a song about a state, why not pick the the largest economy in the country (and 9th largest in in the world). Similarly, Jay-Z’s recent New York hit Empire State of Mind is both popular and about a large economy. The same goes for North Carolina native James Taylor’s Carolina on My Mind (and he was able to get two states with one song).

So here’s the one thing I don’t get, why didn’t Wakko’s song ever hit number one?:

Note: It may also be possible that Katy and Jay-Z are just singing about their home states. But then how do you explain Lynyrd Skynyrd’s (from Florida) Sweet Home Alabama and Bruce Springsteen’s (from New Jersey) Nebraska (both states of course known for their wealth and bounty)?

Also, for those interested, here’s a song about every state.

– Mister Harrison Brookie

October Guest Lineup

6 10 2010

Last week Curt Taylor got on stage at DSI to dispel Myths about being BLIND. What do 6 loud and obnoxious improvisers do to deconstruct and heighten stories about blindness? You had to be there.

But no fear, Curt has already agreed to come back SOON!

But You don’t need to miss any of our other October shows. Unless you’re just too old, or nervous that Andy might destroy you with his MIND, or maybe you’re just scared you might be attacked by Paula and her HUGE … cardigans.


October 8th – Berkeley Grimball (Grimball Jewelers)

October 15th – Graig Meyer (Blue Ribbon Mentor)

October 22nd – Sacrificial Poets

October 29th – Mary Turner (Carrboro Rockstar)

What are their stories? Come find out. FREE COMEDY!

What else are you doing on Fridays at 1030pm?

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