The FINAL Spicy Countdown

18 05 2010

It’s about cowdamn time people!

On June 7th Chick-fil-A will debut THE Spicy Chicken Sandwich!

I can’t tell you what a game changer this is for me and my culinary adventures.

You see, I love spicy chicken.

Wendy’s has long since led the charge in delivering fiery fowl, and Dave Thomas (from the grave) even condensed the miracle into tiny nugget form. Many a bar & grill adds the peppery poultry to their menu. Heck, even the company where I work has Wednesday buffalo chicken day and NO. OTHER. DAY. When you think about it, the fact that Chick-fil-A hasn’t had a spicy version of their sandwich is quite mind-boggling.  I wouldn’t the R&D Department would have taken THIS LONG to hatch this scheme (HATCH! pun intended, what came first? the egg or the Spicy Chicken Sandwich!). There are really only so many things that can be done to chicken, right?

I mean, you can shake ‘n bake it, you can cordon bleu it, you could use it as bread (Thanks KFC!) but I really feel going spicy is the next logical step.

So join my fellow heartburn heroes as we watch the clock on while we wait for this Spicy Chicken gift, direct from the Cathy family. If you can’t wait until the official release date, go here (But you don’t know me. Are we clear?)

Mister Jeremy McDonald




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