How Do You Roll?

24 02 2010

So my wife (Carrie) and I have a frequent battle in our home…

How IS the toilet paper SUPPOSED to go on the roll? I’m a firm believer that the tp roll should go under. Carrie is a proponent of the tp coming over the top. Now, if you asked me why or what my debate points were I would not have a strong argument. I don’t really have any reason other than, It’s just how I’ve always done it. And I’m sure Carrie doesn’t have a strong argument. She just chooses the opposite side because she likes to mess with my OCD.

But a few weeks ago I was blessed (and not by Angel Soft®):

That’s right, an ENTIRE website from Cottonelle® devoted to people sounding off on how they prefer the toilet paper to ROLL! Some of the arguments are great. From having to share a port-o-pottie with 12 other construction workers to preventing finger jams and knuckle scrapes. I’d love YOUR arguments AND your answer…


Mister Jeremy McDonald




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