How Do You Roll?

24 02 2010

So my wife (Carrie) and I have a frequent battle in our home…

How IS the toilet paper SUPPOSED to go on the roll? I’m a firm believer that the tp roll should go under. Carrie is a proponent of the tp coming over the top. Now, if you asked me why or what my debate points were I would not have a strong argument. I don’t really have any reason other than, It’s just how I’ve always done it. And I’m sure Carrie doesn’t have a strong argument. She just chooses the opposite side because she likes to mess with my OCD.

But a few weeks ago I was blessed (and not by Angel Soft®):

That’s right, an ENTIRE website from Cottonelle® devoted to people sounding off on how they prefer the toilet paper to ROLL! Some of the arguments are great. From having to share a port-o-pottie with 12 other construction workers to preventing finger jams and knuckle scrapes. I’d love YOUR arguments AND your answer…


Mister Jeremy McDonald


Man vs. Snow

16 02 2010

As the east coast is covered in the largest snow storm in a century, it’s been hard, even for teddy bears. While some are making snowmen, most are having to shovel their driveway just to get their car out. And unless you can turn your car into a snow tank, that means a lot of hard labor. That is, until now! Here are the top three ways to get rid of snow:

1) The Robotic Snowplow that Poops Bricks:


I call it the snowbot

2) Aluminum:

stab some aluminum strips into the heart of the larger piles. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor and is available in a number of forms at the local hardware store. If I can find some cheap strips (preferably black), I can essentially conduct heat into the heart of the pile.

3) Snow Melting Dragon:

– Mister Harrison Brookie

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