Mister Zach Ward Works Out

12 11 2009

Mister  Zach Ward has taken to working out. Why? So he can avoid the fate of chubby bunny. No, not the marshmallow game. He’d play that anytime. He wants to not be the average-height over-average-weight white guy on stage. You know the comedy type. Was it Abbott or Costello? Tall and lanky OR medium and well-endowed (not there!, in the gut). Anyway, he works out with Mister Paula Pazderka and has just started working out with a DSI student (and local muscleman) Rajeev Rajendran.

Here are two of his ZW Works Out clips. New series coming to Facebook and Youtube from the Elliptical machines at Carolina Fitness (Carrboro, NC). ZW clips are all shot with an HD Flip cam from the dash of the machine. Zach might talk about life, his workout progress, improv, comedy, producing festivals, running a small business or maybe he’ll just do sweaty bits. But guaranteed, it’ll be funny to watch.

more later.

Mister Diplomat




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