Facebook post quality

12 11 2009

I don’t want to brag, but today I opened the Mister Diplomat Facebook Fanpage where our “insights” are on the left. They check Fans, page hits, comments, photo views, and how many babies we’re responsible for.

Anyway, I opened it up and saw 3,500% post quality. WTF? And then I started to think about how awesome we are and did not doubt the logistics of that number for a second. It was not only possible – say it with me, “THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT POST QUALITY” – It’s been a long time coming. MrD has been operating at at least a 3,500% post quality since 2007 and it’s about time we were acknowledged for that.

I remember when we were just producing 1000% post quality. Those days were hard, but now thanks to Google Analytics and our own SEO tracker Mister Diplomatics, we’ve have seen a significant growth in traffic that should soon turn into a serious amount of web advertising. We’re starting slow, with flashy banner ads and animated gifs.

I know what you’re saying, “How can that be right?” Well, it’s all in the Mister Diplomatics. We not only know the IP address and the geographical region of the Facebook Fan, but we can even figure out what bedroom the hits came from.

Perfectly creepy for Diplomat.

If you’re not a Facebook Fan of MrD you really need to get on board. Now. Why? Don’t ask us how it works, but thanks to Mister Diplomatics we also know where everyone who’s NOT on our website is at any given time.

Mister Zach Ward




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