Hardee’s Hole Lotta Love.

13 09 2009

Hardee’s (wikipedia) — You have done it!

You have lowered the marketing bar and used the timeless “gross-out” technique in an attempt to stir my hunger. I wish I could count the number of times I have awoken next to my beautiful wife, looked at her and thought Is this going to be an A-hole or B-hole kind of morning?

Oh wait, I can do that… ZERO!  That has never happened.

Yeah, yeah it’s funny to hear someone say that A-holes taste funny and are small and nasty.  I’ll admit I laughed at B-holes being tasty and flavorful and the dude saying he’s a B-hole kinda guy. However, my next reaction was not “Let’s eat”. Those adjectives aren’t setting my taste buds a flame for any type of holes. There’s a whole marketing campaign around naming these things. You can go to NameOurHoles.com and suggest names. Some of the funnier ones: Goody Balls, Hole Munchers, Sweet Balls, Iced B-Holes, Cinnanuts, and my personal favorite… Glory Holes. Again, HI-larious but it sounds more like what you would find browsing the culinary section of the adult film store. What’s next… pinch a Loaf chocolate banana bread???



– Mister Jeremy McDonald




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