Have you met my news boyfriend, Richard Engel?

25 06 2009
He looks good in a suit.

He looks good in a suit.

I know I’m not the only one watching the Iran election controversy and outraged by the Iranian government’s response. I’m waiting, wishing and hoping for the people of Iran -hoping that there will be some overwhelming change that will benefit them. I honestly care.  Seriously. I try extremely hard to be educated and aware. BUT…I am also fluffing my sofa pillows, grabbing some fresh strawberries, stretching out and waiting for my “news” boyfriend, Richard Engel, to tell me more about it.


Somehow the world’s tyranny doesn’t seem as awful when Richard Engel talks about it. 


 His delicious smile and tasty athletic build make we want to gobble the news right up, get full and have a news baby with him.

The great thing is as NBC’s head foreign correspondent I see him all day.  There he is at 6 AM with Mika and Joe (Morning Joe now sponsored by Starbucks) and during the day, with the Today Show, and then at night with Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow. I can see my main man 24/7 with this news cycle. I can tell when he looks tired. I know when he is hanging in Cairo. He is after all my news man boyfriend.

He looks good in a flak jacket.

AND he looks good in a flak jacket.

I’ve read this heartbreaker’s history. He married his Stanford college sweetheart and then worked too much and ignored her. Believe you me I get that; I’m so used to being ignored. In fact, Richard has virtually ignored me since we met. Don’t worry just like the US and its foreign interests, I’m fickle. I’m not looking for anything too long term. 

But, as long as Iran is in election turmoil and there are troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ll see him. Actually, Richard and I’ve been virtually together everyday over the last few weeks.  I want you to know that while I’m taking a shower, doing my hair and putting on my best “come hither” outfit that I’m thinking of the Iranian people too.   Richard would insist that I do.  And no, I never refer to him as Dick, at least not yet…here’s hoping.

– Mister Paula Pazderka




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25 06 2009
Have you met my news boyfriend, Richard Engel?

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