Sectional But Equal

9 06 2009

Have you ever wandered into a Rooms-To-Go or a RoomStore and had this dilemma: “I really like the look of this recliner but will my black friends feel the same?” or “Man this love seat is comfy but will my white neighbors be able to relax in it??” I know I have. Furniture shopping can be so frustrating, especially when you’re trying to buy something that spans racial barriers. More than that, I just want a place I can shop for furniture without all the racial tension. Well folks, my prayers have been answered…

“At the RED HOUSE!”

Now I can shop confident in the fact that all my purchases will suit everyone that walks into my home. Now the only colors I see are for ottomans and sleeper sofas, and my chase lounge can speak volumes for my household’s push toward equality.

I think I feel most liberated by the fact that I no longer have to be bound by the tyrannical and unjust ways of one certain furniture company…


… who only designs furniture for blue people.

Support Rhett and Link, the guys behind The Red House clip.

– Mister Jeremy McDonald




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