Does Susan Boyle Remind You of 1989 too?

21 04 2009

What is there *not* to like about the Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent story? Who doesn’t love an underdog? And, Susan Boyle has underdog attributes in spades. Spade? Or Neutered?

She’s been classified as a frumpy Scottish spinster catapulted to stardom. She has a voice like an angel they say. I want to believe in her and believe that she does, but we must not forget the last time we were tricked by voices of angels.

I can’t forget the last time I believed in European singers!

The year: 1989, The “singers”: Grammy Award-winners Milli Vanilli.


I believed they were young beautiful people that could make music. I idolized them; I mimicked their swaying dance with my friends. So you may ask, Hey Paula, isn’t this the opposite of Milli Vanilli? Isn’t this an older, average (nay, less than average) woman who is singing? And yes, Yes. It is. And that’s exactly what concerns me; it is just a little too opposite, if you know what I mean.

Just imagine a microphone in that robot claw

Just imagine a microphone in that robot claw

Don’t get me wrong, I really want her to  be a spinster that wears nurse-like shoes, that has never been kissed and that lives alone with her cat… in a collection of villages… somewhere in England.

Unfortunately, I have some grave concerns about her story. We haven’t heard her sing anything but that song from Les Miserables. What if she is the singing equivalent of a one hit wonder and that is the only song she can sing? Or worse what if she is a Simon Cowell Robot stardom machine? Simon Cowell is just that powerful to create a woman with a forty seven year history, a hope from a dying mother, all in an unemployed charity worker package.

We can easily see Simon’s inspiration too. Susan looks all too similar to the Jetson’s beloved robot maid, Rosie.  They have the same body type.  They have open mouths and the same hair.  They both have captured America’s heart and they are both robots. The end is near.

– Mister Paula Pazderka




3 responses

21 04 2009
Jesse P-S

Shes sang a different song on nearly every interview I’ve seen her on.

Your worries are squelched. :)

21 04 2009
Jesse P-S

Oh, and I think Rosie’s “hair” is a hat. ;)

21 04 2009
Matt Nelson

Here she is recorded ten years ago:

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