Family Dog? Or Rise of an Old Imperial Power? Whitehouse Invasion!

14 04 2009
What happens when you combine the deadly water moccasin and Portugal’s desire to return to the lime light of global power and influence?  You get a ticking time bomb in the form of the White House’s new dog: 
Bo, an adorably EVIL Portuguese Water Dog.
Glen Beck would notice you can't see the white's of this dog's eyes.   How can Barack trust that?

Glen Beck would notice you can't see the white's of this dog's eyes. How can Barack trust that?

Need we be reminded that Portugal was once a ruthless global empire? 

Lying dormant for over a century, Portugal may have just lulled the world into false sense of security.  We think we know what to expect from Portugal, but it has been waiting, plotting, getting ready to make a move of EPIC proportions. Using a pet may seem unprecedented, but it is merely a modern twist on the Trojan Horse. Not since the Aviz dynasty (Aviz dynasty? Anyone?) Not since the Aviz dynasty has the world seen Portugal make a grab for power like this.

Portugal is wise to use Sasha’s and Malia’s adorable love to bring down the most powerful man in the world. He’ll have to choose between his daughters, the country, and his “best friend”. Portugal’s inspired quest to turn United States into its colony just might bring Barack to his knees. Yes They Can.

It will all come to a head on Air Force One when Bo will shed his skin and show his true colors.  The battle will combine movie classics Air Force One and Snakes on a Plane. Barack will have to save his family, his life, and the free world. We will all be on the edge of our seats as this is coming Summer 2009.

– Mister Paula Pazderka




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