Jeff Goldblum Erection on Easter

12 04 2009

No, this post is not about Jeff Goldblum. Nor is it about erections.

It’s certainly not about Jeff Goldblum’s Erection (not in the way you think). It’s about the power of the Google Mothership and the fact that someone on Easter Sunday, the 12th of April in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Ought Nine, decided to Google “Jeff Goldblum Erection” and was directed to an entry by Andy Lavender on the Mister Diplomat blog. Read the posts here.

THE SEARCH for "Jeff Goldblum Erection"
THE SEARCH for “Jeff Goldblum Erection”

During a routine scan of the old wordpress stats, Mister Diplomat doesn’t expect “Jeff Goldblum Erection” to be in the list of search terms that has driven traffic to the blog. But what does Mister Diplomat do? Well, we google “Jeff Goldblum Erection” ourselves, just to see how deep the pervert actually went, scouring the pages of said Google Search to get to what turns out to be the ONLY credible source on the Erection of the Honorable Jeff Goldblum (and his Independence Day Action Figure). Maybe the “Grappling Hook” / “Rocket Launcher” that comes with his action figure could be used as an animated erection in some Japanese cartoon sequence. You know, the cartoons with the teething octo-penises. Too far?

Btw — we only had to go down 6 links.

NOT pages, 6 links. came up 6th on the FIRST page.

And this person out there, whoever You are, Man or Woman, YOU Googled “Jeff Goldblum Erection” on Easter Sunday. ON Easter Sunday?! Was the egg hunt that much of a turn-on? Too much chocolate you couldn’t handle the pressure of pleasuring yourself during the late afternoon (EST) without inspiration? And of ALL the inspiration on the whole wide internet you were looking for an image or (in our case) a “humorous” article about the erect 57 year-old phallus of the man behind Earth Girls Are Easy and The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai? Well, please introduce yourself. We’d love to buy you a cheap beer at our next show. You’re the exact type of audience member we’ve been dreaming about.

Now, back to the routine Easter stats check. He is risen. Jeff Goldblum.

– Mister Diplomat




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13 04 2009


24 04 2009

What they needed to Google was “Jeff Goldblum nude beach” to find what they were looking for. Someone scanned the pictures in from a French magazine…..erection and all.

13 04 2009


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