Did Fast and Furious name Jesus Christ the ORIGINAL Drift King?

30 03 2009

How do you feel when you realize a song you enjoy bleeds Christian lyrics? 

And no, Not just themes. I’m talking salvation, sacrifice and the Lord, with the line, “I’m callin’ on the Savior to be all that I need.” Oh man! And I thought I was just enjoying Bow Wow and a Hulk themed car coming out of a BADASS garage in Japan. I don’t not like God. But I don’t like my Christian chocolate in my Entertainment peanut butter. Or vice versa. Ya’ heard?

Do my personal hero VIN DIESEL and Paul Walker know that Jesus somehow found his way into their tricked out cars and moral lessons based on speed and the code of the street? Has N.O.S. become a metaphor for being Born Again? Is Christ the Drift King of Kings? Sliding effortlessly on the Road of Life as if moments speed up and slow down like a dance for those of us who accept Him. What am I saying?!

I am REALLY looking forward to the Fast and Furious release this weekend. I would have loved to see a cameo by Ludacris, but I realize that not all dreams come true. I’m just not sure if I can take the infusion of Bible Beats that powered Tokyo Drift.

Was the idea of a song “bleeding” Christian lyrics too far?

– Mister Zach Ward




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