Give Me That Fiiiiiish!

25 03 2009

You seen the new McDonald’s Filet o’ Fish commercial?

Pure. Genius.

I mean… How much could this have cost to produce? The actors say nothing, garage could have been yours or mine, and the Big Mouthed Billy Bass (SOLD OUT on Amazon) could have been purchased at a yard sale or flea market. Yet I find myself, all day, singing “Give me back that Filet o’ Fish… Give Me That Fiiiiish!”

And I don’t even like the sandwich. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seafood.

I lived AT THE BEACH for 5 years and thrived off seafood, but must say I am a bit picky as to where I obtain my seafood. Two things I always consider is proximity to water and the restaurant’s specialty. Once you start putting some miles between you and the ocean, my burger to shrimp barometer gets pretty lopsided. Then there is the restaurant’s forte. While in Wilmington, we took my family to our favorite seafood place, and my uncle ordered… sesame chicken. “That’s funny uncle Chris, I don’t see any chopsticks or fortune cookies around.” Needless to say, he was less than impressed with his meal. Same goes when I walk into a Mickey D’s: no mounted swordfish, no pirate décor, and no hushpuppies!

But after viewing this commercial I started to second guess myself. 

Maybe I haven’t given the Filet o’ Fish a fair shake. Maybe McDonald’s has their own secret water source where they obtain their “fish”. Perhaps Grimace is a master fisherman and personally sees to it that the best filets are used. That American cheese and tartar sauce does add to the enticement. And that price, in this economy! Golden Arches… you win again, “Give me that Filet o Fish, Give Me That Fiiiiish!”


In fact, I'll take two.

In fact, I'll take two.


– Mister Jeremy McDonald




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