When Local Blogs Attack

10 03 2009

Mister Diplomat was attacked by Ginny from the Blog last Friday.

GINNY from the Blog

GINNY from the Blog

Our show with Ginny was super fun. She told stories about Patti Blagojevich planting questions during a 2nd grade press conference; Working for the Associated Press, Ginny broke the news to (at the time) Senator Obama that he was running unopposed for the Senate; She talked about being a paid blogger (for NBC17), and about the stalking that comes with teh [sic] territory. Is there such a thing as “online” territory? The cast of Mister Diplomat took all those stories and improvised some REAL funny scenes. Easy when our guest sets us up FTW!

Anyway, Mister Diplomat has some amazing guests lined up for Spring.

And maybe we can drag Ginny back out, with some fancy beer convincing.

– Mister Zach Ward



* I may have used semi-colons incorrectly in this post. And incomplete sentences.




One response

10 03 2009

You’re semi-colons were perfect [except you don’t need a capital letter after them]. ;)
I also love incomplete sentences.

BAM! :)

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