I Can Drive Again! – Thanks to the TIDDY BEAR – Yeah, you heard right

2 01 2009

Tiddy Bear also comes in pink

Bear also comes in pink*

Driving has been a common joy of mine since I was 16.  Recently though it has become my most dreaded necessity.  Perhaps it is a sign my Jeep has gotten older or I have gotten bigger, but it seems that every time I get behind the wheel is a near death experience.  I am a law abiding citizen and take no issue with using my seat belt routinely except that I believe it is out to get me.  I didn’t realize the edges were crafted from razor blades, or at least that is what it feels like as it digs into my skin.  Nor was it apparent that it possessed a boa constrictor like compression ability.  Thank God I was turned on to the life saving device of The Tiddy Bear

Now driving is once again pleasant, and all is right with the world.

I am a tid bit concerned that when I’m driving alone that my Tiddy Bear will sneak in a “motor boat” every now and then…

* Yeah, pink. It does.

– Mister Jeremy McDonald




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