Introducing New Diplomats

11 12 2008


Longtime fans of MrD are in for a serious Holiday comedy bonus this Season. 

Like an extra nugget in your 6-piece, an upgrade on your rental car without waiting an hour for someone to help you, or your Father saying he’s proud of you. You know, like one of those, except this bonus has actually already happened. It’s already done. It’s here. Are you ready? We are. So ready.

MISTER DIPLOMAT has added 3 new cast members.

Mary Sasson: 2008 Aspen Comedy Festival Featured College Comic, DSI TourCo, ComedySportz, DSI Witness News (writer and performer), CHiPs (director and performer), and CageMatch Teams including Robots Are Humans Too.

Kyle Chorpening: 2007 Dual Duel Champ Panthro, Gravel Patch, CHiPs (writer and performer) DSI Sketch-Off (writer) and 4DDI.

Jeremy McDonald: DSI TourCo, SENIOR PGA (two-man improv show with longtime friend and Diplomat Zach Ward), Gravel Patch, and CHiPs (writer and performer).

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