Tryptophan Daze. . . with Balls

2 12 2008

I spent Thanksgiving with a couple of new friends: Craig and Paul Pumphrey, the Human Wrecking Balls.

What?  You’re not aware of Craig and Paul Pumphrey, the Human Wrecking Balls?  Didn’t notice that “pump,” as in “pump iron,” is in their last name?  Let me fill you in: Craig and Paul Pumphrey have a show on cable network G4 where they break stuff with their hands.  It was probably pitched to executives as Jackass meets Mythbusters.

When I first saw this show, I couldn’t believe it.  It was like one of those fake television shows included in certain science fiction movies to show how desperately stupid human beings in a not-so-distant future had become.  It totally could have been in Idiocracy.  I mean, it’s a show where rednecks break stuff.  In the first episode I saw, they broke a bathroom, and in the second, they broke a Cessna.  It also wants you to know that the show is much more technical than just two rednecks breaking stuff with their hands, and it attempts to accomplish this by including Mythbusters-esque digital blueprints and technical drawings.  But it was all that I needed: something really, really dumb to stare at for a couple hours after Thanksgiving.  Fuck the National Dog Show.

– Mister Andy Lavender




One response

2 12 2008

So, I saw this subject in my google reader and was about to run into the other room to tell you that someone had written about HWB (yeah, I just abbreviated it!) on Mister Diplomat (but then checked myself cuz it’s 3:30 AM and all) before I realized that it was your post. The world is in balance now and I can be at peace.

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