Mister Diplomat features Award-winning Special Guests, The Never

21 11 2008

Hey Internet, Do you have friends? Because we do.

MISTER DIPLOMAT just goes nuts over how many friends we seem to have. It’s crazy. Like, so crazy. You wouldn’t believe how big our Evite lists are. But seriously, we’ve got friends in the audience and crazy amounts of friends on stage. Like, so crazy. Last month we had our old friends The Never over to the theater and they brought an award they won for Best of the Triangle.

We have Award-winning friends! Support them.

We also have super fans. I know, right. Crazy. Our fans come and pack the house and wear t-shirts and go nuts. We’re so lucky, Internet. Maybe this post is premature… But let’s be honest, so are some very funny Diplomat punchlines. HEYO! Maybe this post is premature, but we are really thankful for each other, the company at DSI, our Special Guests each week, and the people around us. 

Like this guy.

popular shirt

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– Mister Zach Ward




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