Worst Idea Ever

25 09 2008

I was surfing the lightening deals at Amazon the other day, which has become a regular thing for me (last week I got the Alien quadrilogy for $25, motherfuckahs!), when I spied what may be a crucial ingredient for a recipe for disaster: a bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet.  Ostensibly, this headset is for people who ride together and allows for bike-bike communication.  But this also allows the significant proportion of bikers who are dumbasses and/or douchebags to talk on their cell phones as they ride.  And I bet there’s a ton of people just itching to cut the fun runs on their death machines with the haphazard driving that only a cell phone can provide.

I do, however, have a sense of satisfaction knowing that the assholes that do talk on their phones while on their motorcycles are probably inhaling bugs at a much higher frequency than I am.  And boy, do I inhale a lot of bugs.

-Mister Andy Lavender




One response

25 09 2008

This idea is perfect for my blog Innovation Gone Wrong. Good find.

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