McCain Should Have Gone with Holly Faris, the Hillary Clinton Experience

3 09 2008

Senator McCain, your VP choice of Sarah Palin is a means for your campaign to reach out to women who strongly supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination bid but now feel disenfranchised after her loss.  But, Senator McCain, I don’t understand why you’re using a Clinton surrogate when you could’ve gone for the real thing: Holly Faris, the Hillary Clinton Experience.

Now there’s a stand-in that’ll make you squint to see the difference!  Senator McCain, for a reasonable rate Hillary Clinton, I mean Holly Faris (how can anybody tell those two apart?!), will really liven up your corporate event, holiday party, Bar/Bat Mitzah, or presidential campaign.  And let’s see Biden beat this in the debates:

And the American people will get behind the ticket!  Who would not want to have the person next-in-line to the most powerful position in the world to have also rocked Aruba with a killer Tina Turner impersonation!

That’s what this election needs, Senator McCain: a little blackface.

-Mister Andy Lavender




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