Diplomat Love: Not My Sister, Response to MoveOn.org Commercial “Not Alex”

19 08 2008

I saw this a while ago, and though its peak of cultural relevance may have passed, I feel I should share; the words of this video have flitted in and out of my brain like a melody over the last few weeks.  First, here is the commercial to which this video is a response.  Note that if you are not familiar with the commercial itself, the video I laud may come off as creepy, and by extension, I would come off as creepy.  And I bet you don’t want to be reading a creepy guy’s blog:

Here’s the video itself:

I want to point out that while I was writing this post, I asked my girlfriend, “Is ‘SISTER WOMBS!!!!’ in all caps and with four exclamation points an acceptable concluding paragraph?”

-Mister Andy Lavender




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