Zach Ward. Breast Cancer. Roast.

18 08 2008

Zach Ward + Breast Cancer = Roast

Is a Roast of Breast Cancer appropriate? Maybe. Maybe not. But what did the cancer think I was going to do? Sit back and not make fun of it. Sit back and not talk about how it didn’t belong. Sit back and not say things like “If I had a nipple for every time I _______” Well… Maybe the best biggest boobs boob in recent history is not Scarlett Johansson, maybe it’s Bob Saget.

Roast of Bob Saget was fun last night, wasn’t it?

Friday night (around 6pm at La Residence during a Tar Heel Walk fundraiser) I’m going to take my turn at roasting not Bob Saget. Some other comics from DSI and I are roasting Breast Cancer. We’re covering 3-day walks, the 2-boobs, 1-cup craze (was that it?) and maybe problems with other… lady… parts.

Appropriate? Maybe not. Funny? Absolutely.

Buy tickets now.

Or… You could buy tickets at the door and support the cause.

– Mister Zach Ward




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