While I’m on the subject of God…

29 07 2008

While I’m on the subject of God. My last post talked about a crazy church experience I had not long ago.  This hasn’t happened, yet.  But, when it does I am sure to dance a little jig of joy.

Three men went to their seats at a Carolina football game last year and there were a couple of nuns sitting in front of them.  The men wanted to drink their beers and swear at the referees and not bother with the nuns, so they decided to be mean and get them to move. The first guy says, “I wish I lived in VA there’s only 100 Catholics there.”  The second guy boasts, “I wish I lived in GA there’s only 50 Catholics there.”  The third guy chimes in, “I wish I lived in FL there’s only 25 Catholics living there…”

Frustrated, one of the nuns turned around and yelled, “Why don’t you ALL just Go to HELL?  There aren’t any Catholics there.” Enjoy your Tuesday.

-Mister Joe Jones

* joke care of my Uncle Tony




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