GELLER from G105 hijacks the show.

17 07 2008

MISTER DIPLOMAT next Friday features true stories told by GELLER from G105. That’s right, the man that makes his interns take showers at the homes of G105 listeners (hilarious by the way), That Man, THE MAN WITH ONE NAME, GELLER, has been scheduled to inspire a world of absurd scenes, fully improvised by the most aggressive improv comedians in North Carolina.

We found his picture on G105. Is he Superman?! We don’t know. We do know Geller came from Q100 in Atlanta, but maybe Krypton before that.


Raised within the confines of a traveling circus Geller lost both of his parents in a tragic clown car accident. He was then adopted and moved to Chile where he was raised by a tribe of kickboxing nuns. It was here that Geller spent the majority of his teenage years sweeping dirt, bathing in mud, climbing in trees and trying to invent the radio. Thought to be a freak, Geller was drop kicked in the face by the Nuns and was returned to the United States via the back of a Donkey. Amazingly Geller discovered the radio had already been invented and lived happily ever after.

Take a few minutes and call the request line at G105. Let them know that you think it’s awesome that Geller is performing with MISTER DIPLOMAT at the DSI Comedy Theater. G105 Request Line: (919) 860-1051

– Mister Diplomat




One response

25 07 2008

Unfortunately GELLER has had to pull out. We know, We know. It sounds like a bad joke. Especially last minute ;) but he has stuff to take care of and we have a new guest lined up and GELLER should be scheduled again next month.

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