What’s Up Wednesday: Funny Stuff We Like

10 07 2008

Howdy, pilgrims! Here’s a few of the things we’ve dredged up from the interwebs that made us giggle something fierce in our gullets. Hopefully, this comedy link round-up’ll be the comedy sarsparilla to quench your laughin’ hole.

No Bits for BirbigliaDead Frog brings us this episode of The Michael Showalter Showalter, which features the very famous stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia. Also, it looks like Showalter is missing a tooth, did he get into a fight?

Three Matthew McConaugheys and a BabyThe Comedy Central Insider lets us have it on this hilarious Funny or Die video about exactly what you hope it will be.

Reno 911’s Drunk Dancing Cowboy – I was trying to relate this episode to a friend the other day, but you really have to see it in order to get the joke. Rumor has it that the Reno 911 cast improvises most of what they say and do, and if it’s the case here, then bravo, friends. Bravo. Thanks to Bitter Tonic.

Hey Everybody, Let’s All Go to the Beach and Complain – Dammit, I lurve The Onion! The hard hitting journalism is only matched by the hard hitting editorials. Here’s a taste of this spicy article: A few hours in the blistering sun and all of our cares will melt away under the crushing weight of a whole new list of minor inconveniences we’ll allow to ruin our whole day.

Human Mirror – The geniuses over at Improv Everywhere have done it again, this time they’re making New Yorkers see double. IE are Diplomat friends, and we want you to be a fan. With hilarious and mind boggling public stunts, how could you not be?

Mister Jeremy Griffin




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