5 Most Bizarre and Hilarious Commercials

20 06 2008

I’ve seen a lot of things here on the Internet that I would deem unsettling but there are others that just leave you saying Double-Ew Tea Eff? I’ve found 5 of the most bizarre and hilarious commercials out on the web, and I hope you’ll enjoy gawking at them as much as I do. Cheers.

Thailand Ghosts – This is a Thai ad for light bulbs. Honestly, it has to be one of the more strange things I’ve seen put to film. I wonder what twisted marketing company thought it would be a novel thing to use hideous ghosts and transvestites to sell light bulbs. Found on Boing Boing.

Learn English – I honestly, truly laughed out loud on this one. One simple joke can go a long way. ***WARNING*** The audio on this one might not be too safe for work, so I suggest you plug in some headphones or wait until you get home to check it out. It’s worth it, though. That family has no idea… From Funvids.

Japanese McDonald’s – Oh, the Japanese… When will I get a chance to come and experience your culture first hand? Is it all like this over there? Here’s a cadre of commercials, dripping with Japanesiness. Read the subtitles on these.

Sensual Stretching – OK, so this one might not so much be a commercial as an educational film, but it stars DSI friend Chris Gethard, who does comedy at UCBT in New York. (You can check out Chris’s Blog here, or even go catch him performing at the Del Close Marathon in August.) ***WARNING*** Video may include dryhumping.

The Ayds Diet – This one’s quite real. People sure weren’t sensitive back in the seventies. But look how thin and happy they look!

FrankenMeat – And as an added bonus, check out this video on YourWeek about Frankenmeat. It’ll make you want a cheeseburger hot out of the test tube! Thanks to DSI-NY friend, Erik Martin.




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