Improv WoW

16 06 2008

Rene DuquesnoyRene Duquesnoy has played with MISTER DIPLOMAT on multiple occasions both in New York and at DSI in North Carolina. A comedian in Chicago performing with COMEDYSPORTZ and at THE PLAYGROUND, Rene has written a series called WORDS OF WISDOM for the improv community. It may not be the best advice, but its definitely entertaining. We have celebrity guests at our show every week, so it seems like a good idea for Mr.D to at least consider how we should approach celebrity impressions.

WORDS OF WISDOM – Celebrity Impressions (our favorites are here)

  • Impressions should start with ‘hey i’m <name of celebrity>.’
  • Use movie quotes from not-as-popular movies.  
  • ** Rene suggests Jim Carrey quotes from Once Bitten.
  • Impressions work well when the celebrities have history.
  • ** Rene suggests a scene with Ike and Tina Turner.
  • If you are impersonating a dead celebrity, you are just playing a ghost.
  • Challenge yourself with familiar faces but no-name celebrities.
  • ** Rene suggests the guy with a scar from Gladiator/Braveheart.
  • If you play a celebrity playing a celebrity, you suck.



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